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Ground breaking research project for COOL TO BE ME.

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Great classroom tip for COOL TO BE ME, Grade 6

Pam Hoffman did a great job of communicating with the year 7 parents at the ISCT and involving them in the CTBM journey. She sent out a short, informative weekly email to keep them up to date and encouraging them

learner with a COOL TO BE ME workbook

Vuselela reviving the light in Gugulethu township

2013 has somewhat been a great year for Vuselela. We have been involved in 3 amazing community projects which makes it the most number of projects we’ve ever done in a single year. This has not been easy though, we’ve

Ground breaking research project for COOL TO BE ME.

COOL TO BE ME is passionate about developing world-class programmes and achieving the objective we share with government and parents of holistically educating our children for successful and meaningful living in a rapidly changing and transforming society. We have therefore