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Almost a decade of SEL experience

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The merits of COOL TO BE ME and implementing a broad-based SEL curriculum across the grades

Most schools debate the merits of investing in a Social Emotional Learning curriculum (like COOL TO BE ME) versus staff members integrating SEL into their classroom and lesson plans on an ad hoc basis through free online resources. We believe

The benefit of a whole-school-planned-approach to SEL integration

Every school has teachers who possess a natural affinity with SEL. They understand it’s importance, converse around emotional and social topics with ease and experience the benefits for themselves and their learners. Research has shown conclusively that if educators are

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Almost a decade of SEL experience

Did you know COOL TO BE ME has been working in the area of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for 9 years! Over that time we have developed our: School curriculum that engages educators, parents and learners in SEL. SACE