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What is a friend?

What is a friend?

Grade 4’s COOL TO BE FRIENDS emphasises the healthy development of inter and intra-personal skills between children. The programme focuses specifically on teaching the values of kindness, respect, fairness and peace. When we practise these values, we approach all people and animals in friendship and peacefully resolve fights, arguments or disagreements.

We’ve been implementing COOL TO BE FRIENDS at Springfield Convent and in our second lesson, we encouraged the children to think about what defines another person as a friend and what characteristics makes a person a good friend.  We enjoyed Gary Koen’s recent article in Cape Town Child magazine’s May edition.  Gary is a clinical psychologist who explains that while parents want to nurture and protect their children, they can’t live their lives for them.  Read more on pages 14 & 15 at:http://issuu.com/child_magazine/docs/cpt_may_2014

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