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Working with your child

Child development: emotional and social well-being

Emotional and social well-being is integral to every child’s happiness at school and at home. COOL TO BE ME provides content around Life Skills – a critical aspect to schools – through a well-resourced curriculum and includes parents in the participation process. Healthy emotional intelligence leads to happy, productive lives.

Working with the Foundation Phase : Grades 1 to 3

BUILDING BLOCKS is the COOL TO BE ME Foundation Phase programme, designed to support the Life Skills subject in promoting the social and emotional development of your child.

Working with Intermediate Phase: Grades 4 and 5

The Intermediate Phase is designed to promote the healthy development of interpersonal skills between children as well on developing effective communication skills in children and helping them to understand the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication.


Working with Senior Phase: Grades 6 and 7

The Senior Phase explores a crucial developmental challenge of this age group: Identity as well as introduces to the concept of ‘fluid leadership’.


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