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With over a decade of experience in Social and Emotional Learning, COOL TO BE ME are credible experts in the field of SEL curriculum design and implementation; SEL educator training, and SEL consulting to organisations and schools.

Our aim is to assist in making evidence-based social and emotional learning an integral part of a child’s formative years at school and at home. International research has shown that Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is a highly effective approach that not only promotes personal development and well- being but also enhances classroom climate and academic success.

We understand the unique and differing needs of our partner schools and organisations.  We work closely with each of them implementing strategies with the most appropriate programmes to achieve their specific objectives within the context of budget and infrastructure. We believe in building strong relationships over time and are committed to delivering on-going support and innovation to all our valued clients. Our growing team of COOL TO BE ME licensed, SEL specialists help us deliver on this promise.

The ultimate objective of this comprehensive approach is to ensure that SEL is actively and naturally embedded within relationships between educators and learners; parents and children and children themselves, peer to peer. Our easy to implement training modules and curriculum resources facilitate this process for each of these groups presenting wonderful opportunities within a classroom and home to engage in meaningful dialogue that reinforces the learning opportunities of SEL.


Our Partnerships

COOL TO BE ME offers SEL training and mentoring as well as SEL curriculum design to select NPO, licensed partners, based on their unique needs and programme objectives. 

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The Kariega Foundation

COOL TO BE ME have partnered with The Kariega Foundation in a pilot project endorsed by the Department of Education, to integrate Social and Emotional Learning into the schools in the Ndlambe District in the Eastern Cape. The objective of the intervention is to determine if SEL can positively impact school and classroom climate for learners and educators resulting in better learning environments and improved academic results. In addition, the Kariega Foundation is measuring the impact of SEL on the social dynamic in communities and a shift in behaviour and attitude towards caring for and protecting  the environment and endangered species within the neighbouring  reserves. The pilot project includes broad SEL educator training using the COOL TO BE ME SACE accredited on-line training course; the implementation of the COOL TO BE ME curriculum and placing a Social and Emotional Learning specialist in each of the partner schools to support the process.

Read more : https://www.kariega.co.za/blog/kariega-foundation-hosts-education-workshop

Read more : https://www.kariega.co.za/blog/rhino-protection-education-a-community-approach



CoolPlay is a Not For Profit (NPO) Trust founded in Cape Town in 2010. COOL TO BE ME was commissioned by CoolPlay to create the CoolPlay curriculum. A CoolPlay Champion, skilled in social and emotional learning techniques, conducts year round rugby and netball training sessions, centred around the CoolPlay curriculum. There are eight main principles (above right) unique to CoolPlay

  • Team goals
  • Team values
  • Identifying Skill and character strengths
  • Creating team spirit / cohesion
  • Communication
  • Maintaining composure
  • Optimistic thinking
  • Responsible decision making

Coolplay Sport is not only fun, but it offers a powerful analogy for life. CoolPlay constantly strives to enable players to transport the CoolPlay conversations they learn on the sports field into their lives. CoolPlay is also licenced to facilitate all other COOL TO BE ME programmes. They have had overwhelmingly positive results from COOL TO LEAD and Building Blocks Red.

Read more: http://www.coolplay.co.za/latestnews/2020/3/4/leadership-development-in-kuils-river-primary


Our School Partners

International research has shown that Social-Emotional Learning is a highly effective approach that not only promotes personal development and well- being but also enhances classroom climate and academic competencies.

Best practice in effectively integrating SEL into the school community and enjoying the full range of benefits it yields, indicates a school must prioritise the following steps:

  1. Establish a whole school vision that prioritises academic, social and emotional learning.
  2. Engage in whole school SEL educator training.
  3. Implement a school-wide SEL curriculum, particularly from Grade 1-6 (the primary window of opportunity for SEL).
  4. Involve parents in the learning journey with their children.

The success of the COOL TO BE ME approach is our ability to assist schools in designing an implementation plan that delivers on these four points, taking school values and ethos, budget and infrastructure into account.

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Trinity House Randpark Ridge
St Katherines
Kyalami Preparatory
Ridgewood College

Western Cape

The Grove Primary
Bridge House
United Herzlia Schools
The Golden Grove
The International School of Cape Town
International School Houtbay
Blouberg International
Pinelands Primary

Eastern Cape

Elsen Academy
St Andrews Prep
DSG Prep


Tzaneen Laerskool


Riverview Prep

Kwa Zulu Natal

Umhlali Prep

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