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Welcome to the COOL TO BE ME @ Home, Being Confident and Responsible Series.

Pause from the family’s busy schedule, and set aside special time with your child to explore the four building blocks in this series that teach the social and emotional skills, attitudes and values needed for them to approach school and life with a sense of responsibility and confidence.

In the COOL TO BE ME @ Home, Feeling Happy and Safe Series, your child developed the awareness to identify and label difficult emotions and the ability to ‘calm down’ in order to make a helpful choice so that they could feel happy and safe once more, ready to learn or play. They also discovered the joy of sharing of themselves and being kind to others; and the reassurance of knowing that they are loved and supported and can ask for help. These skills and values would have contributed significantly to your child developing a positive attitude towards school and life, creating an excellent foundation for them to take their next developmental step towards growing in confidence and taking on more responsibility for themselves and the environment. They are ready!

These are the four building blocks (modules) you and your child will explore in this Being Confident and Responsible @ Home Series:

Building Block 1: Being Truthful

During this building block your child will learn about being truthful. Do you know that when you are brave enough to be truthful about everything, you feel proud and honourable like a king?

Story Motto:
I smile inside and shout ‘I am King’ when I am truthful about everything!

Story Summary:

Something happened when Thandi Tortoise told a lie. She felt an uncomfortable pulling and squeezing in her heart as a small puff of smoke escaped from her throat. When Musa Monkey told a lie Thandi saw the little puffs of smoke drifting out of his ears and mouth too! The puffs joined together to form a big black smoke cloud, which swallowed up Thandi and her friends and took them to King Jembo the giant’s castle. Here, the children learn how to choose right from wrong.

Building Block 2 : Being Confident

During this building block your child will learn about how to feel confident.  We feel confident when we learn to know and accept ourselves as we are and then we feel happy and excited about life.

Story Motto:

“This is me, look and see, it’s just the way I want to be!”

Story Summary

Bru’Me and his friends had a bad day and left school feeling sad and unsure of themselves. Grandfather Monkey understood how they felt and hauled a big, old book off the shelf. The children opened the book to a page full of old, tree leaves. Grandfather Monkey asked them to choose their favourite leaf and instructed them to rub their left pinkie finger across its veins. That’s when magic happened! Weeheeee … Join Bru’Me and his friends as they set off on an adventure to learn how to be confident.

Building Block 3 : Being Responsible

During this building block your child will learn about about being responsible and how, when we choose to be responsible , we feel capable, clever, strong, kind, important and happy… just like a superhero!

Story Motto:

“A superhero I can be, when I choose responsibility!”

Story Sumarry

Bru’Me is fed-up. He is tired of all his responsibilities and so he imagines he is flying away in his toy spaceship to a place where he is free. Instead, Bru’Me’s spaceship takes him to Fed-up-ville, a dirty, angry place where nobody takes responsibility for anything. Bru’Me doesn’t like what he sees and feels in Fed-up-ville and decides he wants to learn to become responsible. His wish takes him to ‘Captain Able’s Zero to Hero School of Responsibility,’ where he learns how to be responsible … and fly like a superhero!

Building Block 4 : Bouncing Back

During this building block your child will learn how to bounce back and develop grit and resilience.  Life is full of twists and turns – we make mistakes, accidents happen and things don’t always work out the way we want.  If we stay calm and go with the flow, we discover that there is a lesson to be learnt in each experience and that things often work out for the best.

Story Motto:

“When life around me seems to go wrong, I first learn the lesson and then move on!”

Story Summary

Bru’Me and his friends go on a river adventure. When they meet their river guide, Nandi, they realise that this is no ordinary river adventure. Equipped with canoes, paddles, life jackets, a map and a small red bouncy ball, the four friends are ready to start the race. Nandi instructs them to use THE BIG BOUNCE if they get into trouble on the river, “Just bounce the little red ball and see what happens!” The river throws many challenges at the children, but, with the help of THE BIG BOUNCE, they learn how to go with the flow and deal with mistakes, accidents and disappointment.

The most important thing is to remember while working through this series with your child is to have fun and use the story, activities, chats, and games to connect and engage together in the wonderful world of social and emotional learning.


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