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Our @ Home Short Courses are now available as single courses. Our short courses are aimed at improving the social and emotional skills of children, which open up conversations and assist parentss in creating cool conversations that are easily applied to everyday situations.  These begin with a themed story, followed by specific learning opportunities that reinforce the lessons of the chosen theme.  This in turn creates a space for positive behavioural changes for themselves and the family as a whole.

COOL TO BE ME @ Home Shot Courses are engaging, effective and fun for the whole family.

  • Each course is age appropriate and relevant.
  • Our stories are engaging.
  • SEL skills are developed experientially while having fun.
  • Doors open to cool conversations.
  • Strong, healthy family bonds are forged.
  • Helps define family values.
  • Builds confidence and resilience in children with the growing realisation that they have the inner tools to navigate life and learning.

There are eight individual courses to choose from which include:

  • e-Book and audio story,
  • family chats and games,
  • downloadable activities and resources and
  • loads of practical tips and tools for parents.

Have fun and enjoy!


 “It’s okay to feel mad or sad or happy as can be, because all my feelings are a part of me
Teach your child how to identify and express their feelings; bubble breathe to calm down; make helpful rather than hurtful choices and become aware of how other people are feeling.


 “Everything begins to shine, when I decide to share what’s mine”
Your child will experience that when we are valued for sharing ‘who we are’, our unique character, talents, abilities, ideas and opinions as well as our belongings (toys or books) we feel a great sense of happiness and confidence. When we experience this for ourselves, we begin to value the people around us more and encourage them to share of themselves too… and grow in confidence and happiness.

 Being kind

 “When we are kind to others, we become sisters and brothers”
During this course your child will experience how being kind makes them and their family and friends feel. They will think creatively about all the different ways they can be kind to people, pets and the environment … and put their ideas into practice too.

 My circle of love and support

 “I feel strong, brave and sage as can because there’s always a circle of love around me”
During the course your child will develop the ability to be vulnerable and ask for help from the people we trust, so that they can persist with difficult tasks or overcome their fears, which is a very important life skill. It requires levels of self-awareness and self-management that many adults battle to achieve. Your child will learn to overcome the things that cause them the most anxiety and emotional overwhelm with the knowledge that they are loved and supported and that it is okay to ask for help.

 Being Truthful

 “I smile inside and south ‘I am King,’ when I am truthful about everything!
Teach your child the meaning of being truthful. They will learn to be brave enough to be able to tell the truth which will make them feel proud and honourable like a King

 Being Confident

 “This is me, look and see, it’s just the way I want to be!”
Teaching your child confidence will change and enhance their lives. Your child will learn about how to feel confident and leant to face adversity with confidence. We feel confident when we learn to know and accept ourselves as we are and then we feel happy and excited about life.

 Being Responsible

 “A superhero I can be, when I choose responsibility”
An important step in your child’s development is ensuring they become responsible for themselves and the choices they make. Your child will learn about being responsible and how, when we choose to be responsible, we feel capable, clever, strong, kind, important and happy.

 Bouncing Back

 “When life around me seems to go wrong, I first learn the lesson and then move on”
Your child will learn how to bounce back and develop grit and resilience. Life is full of twists and turns – we make mistakes, accidents happen, and things don’t always work out the way we want. If we stay calm and go with the flow, we discover that there is a lesson to be learnt in each experience and that things often work out for the best.




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