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CTBM price list and ordering SEL resources for 2019

We are so excited that you are considering implementing or continuing to implement an SEL programme at your school and that your chosen resource is COOL TO BE ME.

So what now?

It’s easy to order, just click on the relevant link and it will take you to a Google form. Choose which resources your school will be purchasing and follow the prompts in the form. Easy peasy!

Ready to order SEL resources for your school?

Foundation Phase order form: Click here https://goo.gl/forms/2ioTUWDXUyrtECFP2

Intermediate and Senior Phase order form: Click here https://goo.gl/forms/Mq1OTL4Y7h6FI2r63

Not sure where to start and want to chat it through with us? Contact your closest SEL specialist now.

pricelist View our price list here: CTBM Price List 2019

Want to know more about our programmes?

Foundation Phase Programme:

If you are starting with the Foundation Phase section of your school, then the BUILDING BLOCKS programme is for you.  BUILDING BLOCKS is a specially designed programme for the Foundation Phase and focuses on the development of emotional, personal and social well-being within each child.

The three developmental themes are:

  • Feeling happy and safe (Red – Grade 1)

  • Becoming confident and responsible (Blue – Grade 2)

  • Discovering my inner world (Green – Grade 3)

The teaching resources for BUILDING BLOCKS programme (Red / Blue / Green):

  • 1 x Educator manual required per educator.

  • 40 x worksheets and classroom resources to accompany the Educator’s manual, as free, downloadable pdfs from COOL TO BE ME website

  • Optional: 1 x set of 4 storybooks per child to be used at home and include important family chats and family games.

Intermediate and Senior Phase: Gr 4 – 7
  • COOL TO BE FRIENDS in Gr 4 is designed to promote the healthy development of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills between children. It focuses specifically on teaching the values of kindness, respect, fairness and peace.

  • COOL TO CONNECT in Gr 5 follows with the emphasis on communication starting at the beginning with formulating a really good understanding of what verbal and non-verbal communication means to each child and the greater community.

  • The COOL TO BE ME: IDENTITY Gr 6 programme guides them on this journey through fun, experiential learning that not only brings about this critical self-discovery, but also a deeper sense of mutual respect within the peer group.

  • We build on this in Grade 7 with our COOL TO LEAD Collaborative Leadership workshop that empowers these young leaders to create an environment of individuality, mutual respect and collaboration that allows for the fluid movement between individual members of the group stepping up to lead, or using their power to follow, depending on what type of characteristics and intelligence each situation requires. This allows the peer group to create an environment that is supportive, fun, creative and effective.

The teaching resources for Gr 4 – 6  programmes:

  • 1 x Educator manual required per educator

  • 1 x Journal required per learner

  • Free classroom accessories and educator resources are available from COOL TO BE ME website.

4 comments on “CTBM price list and ordering SEL resources for 2019
  1. Michelle Smith says:

    How do I become a trained facilitator? I am really keen.

    thank you

  2. Andrea says:

    I would like to know ,pmore about your programme to implement in the intermediate phase

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