Being Truthful Lesson 3: Family Game Pictionary

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Word Search Activity


Help your child develop their vocabulary so that they are clear about the words that describe truthfulness and those that don’t. Challenge them to find all the hidden words in the word search.


Word Search

Family Game : Pictionary


As a family, play this game of ‘pictionary’; specially designed to encourage truthfulness!

Prepare for the game by writing various situations onto a piece of paper and then cutting them into separate cards. Each card describes a situation where your child will need to make a decision about whether, to tell the truth or tell a lie. For example:

– broken mug
– puddle on the kitchen floor
– empty sweetie jar
– blank homework book
– a hole in the arm of the couch
– dent on the car
– a rip in your jeans
– vegetables hidden under a pile of rice
– broken window

Break the family into 2 teams. One is the drawing team and the other is the guessing team. The drawing team picks a card and has 30 seconds to draw a picture that will help the guessing team guess what situation was written on the card.

Once the team guesses the picture, take the opportunity to reflect on the situation. Ask questions like “What do you think happened to the mug?” and “What should the child who broke it do about it?” This will allow you as a family to chat about the honest thing to do in each situation.

It is also a good idea to discuss what the possible consequences might be for certain actions. For example: If the mug broke by accident and your child told the truth, there is no consequence; but if your child lied about breaking the mug, even though it was an accident, there would be a consequence. Be clear about the fact that consequences are never as serious when you tell the truth from the start.

Create additional cards that reflect your own situations that are relevant to your family.

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