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Modern Dads Do ‘Deep and Meaningful’ Too

June is Dad’s month!

A time to pause and appreciate the role of  fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers and men in general raising 21st century children. A role that has changed significantly from the days when Dads were occasionally seen and rarely heard, unless there was a punishment to administer.

Being the provider, protector and mentor of a family requires more from men than ever before, particularly when many of our children are dealing with issues of bullying and anxiety. Childhood is not as carefree as it used to be, and modern parents have a critical responsibility to help their kids develop the internal resources needed to thrive in a less-than-perfect, stressed-out world. These internal resources are collectively referred to as emotional literacy and include skills like:

  • Self-awareness and healthy, resilient self-esteem

  • Self-regulation and calming oneself to persisting with completing challenging tasks,

  • Showing empathy and respect for others,

  • Building and maintaining healthy relationships through effective communication skills and,

  • Stepping into their personal responsibility to make choices that contribute positively to themselves and the world around them.

In fact, the World Economic Forum recently predicted that Emotional Literacy would be the sixth most important universal skill by 2020, and would continue to climb the rankings over time.

It is within this context that we want to shine a bright light on all those Dads that have recently shown up to our talks on ‘Raising Emotionally Literate Kids in a Techno Crazy World.’  The number of Dads in the audience grows at each presentation which demonstrates a commitment and eagerness from modern Dads to connect with their kids and engage on a deeper, emotional level… and we think that is super cool!

That is why we are offering FREE DELIVERY (within SA) of all COOL TO BE ME story sets and @ home boxes purchased off our webs-site from today 1 June until Father’s Day on the 17th June.

Our story sets and @home boxes are designed to:

  • Grow your child’s emotional literacy,

  • Open the door to cool conversations,

  • Create strong, healthy family bonds,

  • Help define family values, and

  • Build your child’s confidence and resilience.

Don’t miss this great offer! Dads can do ‘deep and meaningful’ too!

3 comments on “Modern Dads Do ‘Deep and Meaningful’ Too
  1. Lauren Medcalf says:

    Hi Lindy! Lauren here:) I did one of Kate’s courses with you a few years ago. Hope you and your family are well. I’m interested in purchasing this for my husband for Fathers Day. What is the cost and could it arrive before Sunday to me in Woodstock? Or could I collect it from somewhere? Thank you

  2. Caroline says:

    Fabulous to hear that Dad’s are becoming more and more involved!

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