@Home Short Course: Being Confident



Pause from the family’s busy schedule, and set aside special time with your child to explore the Being Confident short course that teaches the social and emotional skills, attitudes, and values needed for them to approach school and life with a sense of responsibility and confidence.

Being Confident

During this short course, your child will learn about how to feel confident.  We feel confident when we learn to know and accept ourselves as we are and then we feel happy and excited about life.

Story Motto:

“This is me, look and see, it’s just the way I want to be!”

Story Summary

Bru’Me and his friends had a bad day and left school feeling sad and unsure of themselves. Grandfather Monkey understood how they felt and hauled a big, old book off the shelf. The children opened the book to a page full of old, tree leaves. Grandfather Monkey asked them to choose their favourite leaf and instructed them to rub their left pinkie finger across its veins. That’s when magic happened! Weeheeee … Join Bru’Me and his friends as they set off on an adventure to learn how to be confident.

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