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COOL TO BE FRIENDS is a grade 4 Life Skills programme designed to promote the healthy development of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills between children. It focuses specifically on teaching the values of kindness, respect, fairness and peace.

When we practise these values we approach all people and animals in friendship and peacefully resolve fights, arguments or disagreements. A captivating story about Bru’Me’s quest to find what is missing from the world, combined with a series of experiential exercises and classroom activities, lead the children through the programme.

Teaching friendship as a value

This programme does not only empower children to effectively manage their own friendships, but also re-introduces friendship as a community value.

Learning through journaling

A colourful, thought-provoking journal allows for further integration and encourages honest self-reflection in the participants. Each chapter includes a family section that creatively involves parents in their child’s journey. Upon completion children should be better equipped to deal with the highs and lows of friendship as well as contribute to making their community friendly and supportive.

Easy to implement and curriculum compliant

  • COOL TO BE FRIENDS is a 12-hour programme.
  • Teachers are supported with an easy to follow, thoroughly resourced teacher’s manual.
  • The five key values of the programme (kindness, respect, fairness, peace and self-reflection) link in seamlessly with achieving the specific aims of the Personal and Social Wellbeing study area.
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes per week are allocated to Personal and Social Well-being, making it easy to incorporate COOL TO BE FRIENDS.


For more information:

To set up an appointment, receive more detailed information about the course content and costs, or to sign up for this programme at your school, please click here.

Our Programme

Read more about our programme here.

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“My daughter spoke of the programme so much and I know it has had a profound effect on her confidence and acceptance of others.” – Springfield parent
“I thoroughly enjoyed the feedback to the COOL TO BE ME sessions at Springfield last night. It is a fabulous course and my daughter enjoyed it tremendously. Also from the response of the parents I think they felt the same way.” – Springfield parent
CTBM helped me so that if someone says you are ugly, don’t listen to him and in your mind say “I am beautiful and I know who I am.” - Grade 6 student

"I now have confidence to say stuff even if people laugh at me." - Grade 6 student

"Thank you so much. I have always felt like I was weird to make good decisions that were right. Now I don’t feel that way." - Grade 6 student 

"It was really fun. It was a great learning experience and helped me know who I am and show that everyone is great." - Grade 6 student
“I would just like to say thank you so much for all you have done for the grade 6 girls through COOL TO BE ME. They are so lucky to have had experienced such profound self-analysis and self-discovery at their age. I think that the work you are doing is so important and the core philosophy of resilient self-esteem is brilliant.” – Springfield parent
"Thank you so much. I have always felt like I was weird to make good decisions that were right. Now I don’t feel that way." - Grade 6 student
“I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading Bouncing Back and the Telling Truth stories to my kids this past week. We've been reading a few chapters each night before going to bed. My son is four and a half and my daughter six and a half and in Grade 1. They have both absolutely LOVED them! We have had very late bedtimes as they've insisted that I keep reading! Even though they are both so young (and I thought too young which is why I hadn't read them the stories until now), they were completely compelled and fascinated! At the end of the each book, they both without any initiation started discussing some of the themes. After the bouncing back story, they both started to talk about some of things they had learnt in the day. From the 'learn the lesson and move on' refrain, my daughter told me that she had learnt that she can tell her friend NO if she doesn't want to do something! What an important thing to learn!” – Nicole, Cape Town
"CTBM has helped me believe in myself and take the pressure off." - Grade 6 student
"CTBM is a great programme. It changed my life and helped me feel great about myself." - Grade 6 student

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