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  • Cool To Be Me @ Home – Being Confident and Responsible

  • Cool To Be Me @ Home – Feeling Happy and Safe




    Welcome to the COOL TO BE ME @ Home, Feeling Happy and Safe Series.

    Pause from the family’s busy schedule, and set aside special time with your child to explore the four building blocks in this series that teach the social and emotional skills, attitudes and values needed for them to work through life’s challenges and hiccups, back to feeling happy and safe so that they can continue playing and enjoying life or persisting with a difficult task.

    Neuroscience informs us that the brain learns best when it is calm and content which makes ‘feeling happy and safe’ a very important theme to address with children in their formative years of schooling. Learning the skills of self-awareness and self-management at home, prepares them to better handle situations as they arise at school so that they can navigate their daily stresses in the classroom and quickly return to a calm and content state of being; ready to learn.

    These are the four building blocks (modules) you and your child will explore in this Feeling Happy and Safe @ Home Series:

    1. Feelings
    2. Sharing
    3. Being kind
    4. My circle of love and support

    At the end of each module, mark the module as complete, click on the ‘next lesson’ and move on.

    The most important thing is to have fun and use the story, activities, chats, and games to connect with your child and engage together in the wonderful world of social and emotional learning.


  • Social Emotional Learning Online Course


    Revised and Updated Version – Revised course now includes resources which can be used within the classroom.

    Social Emotional Learning V2.1 is the process through which children and adults learn the skills and competencies that result in a well-developed level of social-emotional literacy leading to increased success in learning and quality of life.

    The six defined SEL competencies covered in the course are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making and optimistic-thinking. The course offers easy-to-apply classroom management and learner development strategies and includes classroom resources and exercises.

    Educators who engage in SEL training and proactively teach a broad-based SEL programme, can realistically expect to enjoy positive outcomes personally, in their classrooms and in the personal development of each learner emotionally, socially and academically.

    This course contains 8 modules.

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