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The benefit of a whole-school-planned-approach to SEL integration

Every school has teachers who possess a natural affinity with SEL. They understand it’s importance, converse around emotional and social topics with ease and experience the benefits for themselves and their learners. Research has shown conclusively that if educators are intentional and purposeful in the implementation of SEL, it can make a significant difference to classroom and school climate, educator well-being, learner well-being and academic performance.

But what about those teachers who find engaging in conversations of a social and emotional nature in their classrooms ‘tricky’?  Or those who would really love to connect more fully with their learners but don’t have the confidence or ‘know how’. There are also those who have read all the research and have the passion and intention to engage in SEL with their learners but just don’t have the time to find age appropriate, credible resources.

The benefit of a whole-school-planned-approach to SEL integration, incorporating CPTD and the implementation of a broad based SEL curriculum, is that it instils confidence in both educators and parents that all five core social and emotional competencies are being covered across the grades, with shared responsibility.

Year after year educators and parents will assist their children in developing the skills of:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship management, and
  • Responsible decision making

Wouldn’t that be something…knowing that as a school you had a programme that was designed to effectively and creatively integrate SEL into a child’s life and the skills, confidence and support to deliver it. Creating a community and environment where children can thrive as individuals, work productively and happily in a team and contribute to making their school happy and safe, thereby fostering an environment for joyful and productive learning.

It’s with these objectives in mind that CTBM developed the following whole school programme, supported by a SACE accredited CPTD course (worth 45 SACE points):

CTBM Curriculum overview 2018

Talk to us if you would like to broaden the focus of your school to include SEL. We have been experts in this field for 9 years, have trusted clients all over the country and are here to help.  info@cooltobeme.com


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