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The merits of COOL TO BE ME and implementing a broad-based SEL curriculum across the grades

Most schools debate the merits of investing in a Social Emotional Learning curriculum (like COOL TO BE ME) versus staff members integrating SEL into their classroom and lesson plans on an ad hoc basis through free online resources.

We believe strongly in the merits of integrating an accredited, broad-based SEL curriculum from Grade 1 – 6, which presents us with the most valuable window of opportunity when a child is the most open and receptive to proactively becoming emotionally literate through the process of SEL.

Did you know…

  • The COOL TO BE ME curriculum is SACE accredited.

  • It runs from Grade 1 to Grade 6, culminating in a 1 day Grade 7 Collaborative Leadership workshop.

  • It is supported by the on-line SACE accredited SEL CPTD course for which educators receive 45 CPTD points on completion.

Why is COOL TO BE ME the best decision you can make for your school?

  • We spent 5 years researching and writing and so your teachers can do what they love … teach!

  • It gives you peace of mind that all core SEL competencies are being covered.

  • It creates a consistent and systematic growth and development  from Grade 1 – 7.

  • It provides a framework, leaving space for schools to add content and customise.

  • It takes the load off your teachers and shares some of it with the parent.

  • It has been tried and tested … and it works in any classroom environment.

  • It can be adapted to fit your budget.

You don’t have to do it all yourself, we are here to help and guide.

Email: linda@cooltobeme.com

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