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What is COOL TO BE ME’s role in social-emotional Learning?

COOL TO BE ME, are the pioneers and definitive experts on SEL in South Africa, offering the only SACE accredited SEL curriculum and CPTD educator course.

The COOL TO BE ME curriculum from Grade 1 – 7 is an evidence-based SEL curriculum, that has been researched and implemented with overwhelming success across the diverse context of South African education. The content of each programme from Grade 1 – 7 satisfies the objectives of Personal and Social Wellbeing (PSW) component of the Life Skills CAPS curriculum.

Teaching the grade-specific COOL TO BE ME material systematically as part of an integrated life skills curriculum, a pastoral care curriculum or as enrichment ensures that learners are taught all the core SEL competencies at each stage of their development. It also assists in creating a consistent SEL approach throughout the school.

Broadly speaking, The CTBM SEL programmes deliver the following outcomes:
• Increased self-awareness into emotions and reactive, negative behaviours like bullying, disrespect, aggression, anxiety, dishonesty, poor decision making and lack of motivation.
• Increased self-awareness into character strengths and areas of development.
• A better understanding of values and goal setting.
• Identifying values and goals.
• The ability to self-regulate, make choice and chose behaviours that are aligned with identified goals and values.
• Insight and understanding of other people’s feelings and the impact we have on each other.
• Establishing empathic connections with classmates that promotes mutual respect and eliminates bullying.
• The ability to identify negative thoughts, anxiety or irrational beliefs and re-frame them.
• The ability to function optimally when under stress and pressure. (Grit and resilience.)
• Development of effective communication and listening skills for relationship building, problem-solving and conflict resolution.
• The ability to make the connection between choices, consequences and feelings, and make thoughtful, empowered decisions accordingly.

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