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Welcome to the COOL TO BE ME @ Home, short course Bouncing Back

Pause from the family’s busy schedule, and set aside special time with your child to explore the short course Bouncing Back that teaches the social and emotional skills, attitudes and values needed for them to approach school and life with a sense of responsibility and confidence.

Bouncing Back

During this short course, your child will learn how to bounce back and develop grit and resilience.  Life is full of twists and turns – we make mistakes, accidents happen and things don’t always work out the way we want.  If we stay calm and go with the flow, we discover that there is a lesson to be learnt in each experience and that things often work out for the best.

Story Motto:

“When life around me seems to go wrong, I first learn the lesson and then move on!”

Story Summary

Bru’Me and his friends go on a river adventure. When they meet their river guide, Nandi, they realise that this is no ordinary river adventure. Equipped with canoes, paddles, life jackets, a map, and a small red bouncy ball, the four friends are ready to start the race. Nandi instructs them to use THE BIG BOUNCE if they get into trouble on the river, “Just bounce the little red ball and see what happens!” The river throws many challenges at the children, but, with the help of THE BIG BOUNCE, they learn how to go with the flow and deal with mistakes, accidents, and disappointment.

The most important thing is to remember while working through this series with your child is to have fun and use the story, activities, chats, and games to connect and engage together in the wonderful world of social and emotional learning.

Bouncing Back Lesson 1 – Useful Tips Bouncing Back Lesson 2 : Read or listen to the story Bouncing Back Lesson 3: Crack the Code Bouncing Back Lesson 4: The Big Bounce Board Game Bouncing Back Lesson 5: Lessons we can learn Bouncing Back Lesson 6: Choosing a helpful response

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