Social Emotional Learning

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The ‘what’ and ‘why’ of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and how it can be integrated into all aspects of school life: curriculum, teaching practice and classroom management.

Developed by: Linda Joyce Bruce

Our Social Emotional Learning Course is recommended for all educators working with learners from Grades 1 – 7.

Complete all modules and earn 45 SACE points.

What is SEL?

Social Emotional Learning is the process through which children and adults learn the skills and competencies that result in a well-developed level of social-emotional literacy leading to increased success in learning and quality of life.

The six defined SEL competencies covered in the course are self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making and optimistic-thinking. The course offers easy-to-apply classroom management and learner development strategies, and includes free online classroom accesories.

Educators who engage in SEL training and proactively teach a broad-based SEL programme, can realistically expect to enjoy positive outcomes personally, in their classrooms and in the personal development of each learner emotionally, socially and academically.

Skills and knowledge gained through completing the course:

-­‐ A clear understanding of the practice of SEL.

-­‐ An in depth understanding of each competency and how to integrate it into teacher practice, classroom management and learner development.

-­‐ Reflection on personal areas of strength and development with regards to each competency.

Linda Joyce Bruce:

Linda Bruce: B.Econ. (Industrial Psychology) Stellenbosch University; Published author; Creator, author and teacher of COOL TO BE ME – Grades 1 – 6 SEL curriculum. Linda has been researching, developing and teaching SEL programmes for a decade and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise in the field of SEL for the benefit of all learners and educators.


Module 2: Effective integration of SEL

  Welcome to module 2 of this SEL CPD course. In this module, we will explore how best to go about integrating SEL into your school and classroom. Effective integration of SEL into schools and classrooms is the key to its success. CASEL has developed a detailed framework that outlines the critical steps that need […]

Module 3: Competency 1 – Self Awareness

This is the third module and we are going to explore the first of the five core SEL competencies: Self Awareness. Self-awareness is defined as the ability to: Accurately recognize your emotions and values and how they influence your behaviour and, Reflect honestly on your personal strengths and challenges. From an educator’s perspective, developing a […]

Module 4A: Competency 2 – Self Regulation

Length: 0 minutes

  Welcome. This is module 4A and we are going to explore the second of the five core SEL competencies: Self-management. Self-management includes two important SEL skills: Self-regulation Goal or values directed behaviour Self-management is defined as the ability to:Manage one’s emotions and behaviour (self-regulation) in order to initiate and persist in achieving goals and […]

Module 4B: Competency 2 – Goal Directed Behaviour

  Welcome. This is module 4b and once completed you will be halfway through this SEL CPD course. Thank you for your commitment. In this module, we will explore the second important skill to mastering self-management: goal-directed behaviour. To recap, self-management is defined as the ability to:Manage one’s emotions and behaviour (self-regulation) in order to […]

Module 5: Competency 3 – Social Awareness

In this module, we are going to explore the third of the 5 core SEL competencies: Social Awareness. Social awareness is defined as the ability to: Show empathy for another person’s feelings and respect for their ideas, values and choices. Understand the impact we have on each other. Social awareness unfolds through understanding and practicing […]

Module 6: Competency 4 – Relationship Skills

Welcome to module 6 of this SEL CPD course. In this module, we are going to explore the 4th core SEL competency: relationship skills. Relationship skills are defined as the ability to: Form positive relationships,  Work cooperatively and effectively in a team and,  Effectively resolve conflict. From an educator’s perspective, this is possibly one of […]

Module 7: Competency 5 – Responsible Decision Making

Welcome and thank you for signing in to module 7A of this SEL CPD course. Your knowledge of SEL is growing and we hope you are experiencing the positive benefits of integrating it into your classroom. In this module, we are going to explore the fifth and final ‘official’ competency of the 5 core SEL […]

Module 8: Competency 6 – Optimistic Thinking

In this 8th module, we explore the final SEL competency: optimistic thinking for a growth mindset. Module 9 and 10 are new additions that have been added to this SEL CPTD course to assist educators and SEL facilitators use their new knowledge and skills to build an SEL programme and SEL interventions. Optimistic thinking is […]

Module 9: Building Your SEL Programme

Congratulations! You have completed the theoretical component of your SEL training. The next step is to apply your new knowledge and skills to build and teach an SEL programme to your learners, that covers the full spectrum of SEL competencies. This application of your knowledge is critical to your SEL training. In this module, we […]

Module 10: SEL In Action

Congratulations! You have successfully made it to the final module of this SEL CPTD course, where we will explore how you can apply all that has been learned to successfully integrate SEL into your school community. Note: The knowledge and skills needed to achieve whole school community integration and action the recommendations in this final […]

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