@Home Short Course: Being Truthful



Pause from the family’s busy schedule, and set aside special time with your child to explore the short course Being Truthful that teaches social and emotional skills, attitudes and values needed for them to approach school and life with a sense of responsibility and confidence.

Being Truthful

During this short course, your child will learn about being truthful. Do you know that when you are brave enough to be truthful about everything, you feel proud and honourable like a king?

Story Motto:
I smile inside and shout ‘I am King’ when I am truthful about everything!

Story Summary:

Something happened when Thandi Tortoise told a lie. She felt an uncomfortable pulling and squeezing in her heart as a small puff of smoke escaped from her throat. When Musa Monkey told a lie Thandi saw the little puffs of smoke drifting out of his ears and mouth too! The puffs joined together to form a big black smoke cloud, which swallowed up Thandi and her friends and took them to King Jembo the giant’s castle. Here, the children learn how to choose right from wrong.

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