@Home Short Course: My Circle of Love and Support



Pause from the family’s busy schedule, and set aside special time with your child to explore the short course of My Circle of love and Support that teach the social and emotional skills, attitudes and values needed for them to work through life’s challenges and hiccups, back to feeling happy and safe so that they can continue playing and enjoying life or persisting with a difficult task.

Neuroscience informs us that the brain learns best when it is calm and content which makes ‘feeling happy and safe’ a very important theme to address with children in their formative years of schooling. Learning the skills of self-awareness and self-management at home, prepares them to better handle situations as they arise at school so that they can navigate their daily stresses in the classroom and quickly return to a calm and content state of being; ready to learn.

My circle of love and support

Developing the ability to be vulnerable and ask for help from the people we trust, so that we can persist with difficult tasks or overcome our fears, is a very important life skill. It requires levels of self-awareness and self-management that many adults battle to achieve. This short course is the starting point of learning for your child. They will be able to apply what they have learned so far in this series to overcome the things that cause them the most anxiety and emotional overwhelm with the knowledge that they are loved and supported and that it is okay to ask for help.

Story Motto:
I feel strong, brave, and safe as can be because there’s always a circle of love around me.

Story Summary:
Bru’Me and his friends find themselves floating in a bubble to a magical land where they meet Queen Luvalot.  She takes them on a journey through Bubble-of-Luvalot Land where they learn all about love, support, and beliefs.

The most important thing is to remember while working through this short course with your child is to have fun and use the story, activities, chats, and games to connect and engage together in the wonderful world of social and emotional learning.

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