Feelings Lesson 2: Read Or Listen To The Story

You must first complete Feelings Lesson 1 : Useful Tips before viewing this Lesson

Read the ‘Feelings’ story with your child or listen to the MP3 recording together.

Listen to the Feelings story below.


Read the Feelings story below.



After reading the story, ask your child when they have felt happy, sad, worried, scared, relieved, or angry like the characters in the story. What happened to make them feel that way? Share some of your own experiences and how they made you feel.

Continue this discussion by completing the ‘How does Bru’Me feel?’ activity.

Affirm to your child that feelings are not right or wrong, they are just feelings and all of them are important. End the chat by looking at the ‘Feelings’ poster, say the motto together and find a place to display it.

The motto of the story is:

It’s okay to feel mad or sad or happy as can be because all my feelings are a part of me!

Appendix 1 Feelings Poster


Here are some additional posters of Bru’Me and his friends for your child to enjoy.


Appendix 6 Bru_Me and friends Poster

Appendix 2 Bru’Me Poster

Appendix 3 Sammy Poster

Appendix 4 Thandi Poster

Appendix 5 Musa Poster

Your child can colour in these pictures of  Bru’Me, Musa Monkey, Thandi Tortoise & Sammy Squirrel.


Appendix 6 Bru Me and friends Poster bw

Appendix 2 Bru Me Poster bw

Appendix 5 Musa Poster bw

Appendix 4 Thandi Poster bw

Appendix 3 Sammy Poster bw

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  1. Lovely story and the recording is wonderful 🙂


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