Feelings Lesson 3: Bubble Breathing


In the story when Bru’Me was really angry he did two things to calm down. Can you remember what they were? (Count to ten and bubble breathe). We are going to learn how to do bubble breathing just like Bru’Me. Bubble breathing is deliberate, deep breathing that really helps us to think more clearly when our feelings cause us to feel confused or overwhelmed.

What you need:

• A cup of water and a straw.

What you need to do:

• Place the straw in the cup of water.

• Take a deep breath and let the air out slowly through the straw so that you make nice big bubbles in the water.

• Continue breathing slowly and blowing bubbles for a minute. This is called bubble breathing.

How do you know you are doing great bubble breaths?

• If you are spilling water out of your cup you are breathing out too quickly.
• If you are only making tiny little bubbles you have not breathed in deeply enough.
• If you are making nice big bubbles and no water is spilling out of your cup then you are doing perfect bubble breathing.

After you have done some bubble breathing together ask your child the following questions.

1. How do you feel after bubble breathing for a minute?

2. When would bubble breathing be helpful?

Chat about and share any breathing or other techniques you use to help you cope with stress and difficult feelings. Make a promise to do some bubble breathing every night at bedtime… just to practise!


Well done! you have successfully learnt how to bubble breathe.


Complete this certificate with your child.

Appendix 7 Bubble Breathing Certificate


Please watch the recommended video’s below to explore more breathing techniques with your child.







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  1. I love the breathing buddy exercise.


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